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About TRL

TRL is a fast growing Malaysia premium tropical fruits producer and exporter in the region of South East Asia, United States, Canada and Australia.


TRL has been widely know for it’s Musang King durians that goes into Ali Baba marketplace and immediately going viral.


TRL venture in large expos & exhibitions all around the world, showcasing Musang King’s Frozen Pulp, Paste & Whole Durian.


TRL aims to become the largest premium tropical fruits producer in Asia Pacific, known by our Musang King quality produces.

TRL (South East Asia) Sdn Bhd
Our Strength

As we believe our strength should go beyond Malaysia, we have establish subsidiaries company in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in order for us to supply quality produce consistently and meet the ever demanding fruits from South East Asia. With years of experience in planting, cultivating and harvesting, our dedicated team work closely with growers to bring you the best quality fruits.

Quality Team

We consist a team of dedicated staffs specialize in fresh and frozen fruits research and development, packaging, cold storing, logistic and most important part is quality control. The team is led by strong and talented operation head and managing director who not only commandeering the company growth direction but most important is bringing you fresh quality fruits every day.

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